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BioEditor, in Brief...

Authors: Peng Yang, Paul A. Craig, Philip E. Bourne, David Goodsell
Institution: San Diego Supercomper Center

Overview: Once a macromolecular structure has been determined, the challenge is to communicate that information to a widely diverse audience of scientists, educators and students. Current options include the printed literature and dissemination over the Internet, either via online journals or directly on personal web pages. Printed literature has the advantage of wide acceptance and availability, but presents static images. Web pages can be powerful, but lack a uniform format. Furthermore, any dynamic images that are presented are subject to the whims of the providers of the browsers and plug-ins that are required to view them. At the University of California, San Diego and the Scripps Institute, we are developing the BioEditor as a tool to bridge the gap between the printed literature and current Internet presentation formats. It is a standalone Windows application that can be used to prepare and present structure annotations containing formatted text, graphics, sequence data, and interactive molecular views. This presentation will summarize the features of BioEditor and provide an overview of a series of annotations that have been developed on DNA-protein complexes.

The BioEditor project is based on work sponsored by the National Science Foundation Division of Biological Infrastructure (DBI) under Grant Number DBI-9904796.

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